Eliana used to be a staple person on my classes. I used to see her doing 2-3 classes back to back and seeing no results doing it. Then one day she said to me that she wants to start her journey, she wants to change. We reduced her classes to max 2 a week and got her lifting weights. Lifting weights properly and getting her stronger and stronger.


Now she is addicted to lifting weights and see results by doing it!


Alongside, I got her eating differently. Reduced the amount of food and she started meal prepping all her meals. And after realised how important it is to actually look after her food, soon she started prepping healthy meals with her cousin, meals that people enjoy eating not only chicken and rice.


They are now making healthy meals and snacks.

At first, she didn’t count calories, only in the last phase and the results speak for themselves.

- Eliana Brito

I decided to get fit after my miscarriage that left my body shattered. I wear a headscarf and was really apprehensive about going to the gym. 

She approaches you with no judgement and a sincere intent for your well being. Its visible in how she makes every rep count, from pressing on your sweaty back to activate the right muscles to holding your muddy sneakers to make sure you're knees keep the right angle. She isn't like other trainers who just kill time and count reps.

Shes constantly updating her skills and knowledge and sharing it with her clients. She is attentive to your issues and works her training plan accordingly. Thanks to her I now not only have greater awareness of how my food affects my body but also feel stronger and more in control of my life.

Her huge smile and positive attitude shines right through her. She goes through the trouble to arrange FREE, yes FREE boot camp classes for her clients and you even get to hang out with the rest of the girls from time to time.
With Vicky, going to the gym isn't about the gruesome torture that most people associate going to the gym with. Its hanging out with a great person and getting a great workout in the process.

- Madiha Kaleem


When I met Victoria I was trying to fully recover from a serious injury that affected my body and my mind, and changed my life forever. I developed a distorted perception of my body which brought me to under-eat and think very low of myself. 

Vicky gave me the right gym programs to enhance my strong points and work on my weakness. Along with a detailed and tailored food plan, I am now a more confident and strong person, both physically and mentally.

I highly recommend Vicky as an online coach - she really can change your life. I also did some 1:1 sessions at the gym, and was very pleased and impressed by her technical knowledge. 
Vicky is money and time very well invested!

-Stefania Mattana