I lost a lot of weight! Pt 2.

Story part 2:

So after realising i had to change and i even joined the gym back in Hungary I spent few months in my very first gym which definitely helped to get me started on changing my life, even though I didn’t lose weight. I moved abroad at the age of 19 to the Netherlands and this is when the real changes started to happen. I joined the gym there and first started going regularly 2-3 times a week which after became 4-5 times. I looked after what I eat, didn’t cut out anything apart from controlling my portions and cut out all the chocolate that I used to eat before. But after a while this became a more and more obsessive and I would not eat anything out, if I ate a bit too much one day I would not eat anything a day after or just eat one apple. I became obsessive with the gym too, if I missed a session I thought I am failure and I will gain weight instantly… (Now i know this doesn't work that way).

Anyway in a year or so with starting to lift weights (I still had no idea what it is to train with real intensity), doing some cardio and looking after my food, I lost about 8-10 kg, I got smaller but my cellulite, my legs were still bigger than my upper body. And I hated my body because of that. Didn’t matter how much weight I lost, in my head I was still that fat girl from school that people made fun of because of her fat butt. This is one of the reasons I believe you need to change your mindset how you look at your body as well as losing weight, building muscle. If your mindset doesn’t change as your body is changing it can cause you some confidence issues...

Tomorrow I am coming with my vegetarian times.. Yes i was vegetarian too for a while. I have tried loooooads of things!

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