How to get a better quality sleep

How to get a better QUALITY Sleep: Are you having troubles to wake up?

Do you wake up tired ?

Do you feel it is hard to concentrate to your work during the day?

Do you start to feel sleepy after lunch time?

These are the signs that you are not getting a good QUALITY sleep. There reason I am highlighting quality is because even though you might be sleeping 8-9 hours if that is not a quality one that quantity doesn’t matter.

So what to do before sleep to ensure you get a better night sleep?

- eat 2-3 hours before bed. preferably protein and some carbs to help you to increase serotonin levels. - usual bedtime routine 30mins prior to bed. Don’t just jump into bed . Create a routine that you follow every night so your body knows it is time to go to sleep. - herbal teas (like chamomile, lavender tea) - other sleep supplements (melatonin, GABA, valerian or the one I use the good blend of all: Redcon fade out) - limit blue light before bed (tv/mobile phone etc. ) if you really can’t get rid of hem completely than use a special glasses or bring your blue light down on your phone. -change it in your settings.

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