How to start your fitness journey?

What to do if you over indulged and didn’t exercise for few weeks? Either you had a break over Christmas or starting your journey in January the same applies to both. Slowly ease yourself back to your normal routine or start your new routine. What do I mean? • nourish yourself with food. With food that is nutrient dense and with food that you also enjoy. There is no good or bad but one certainly will make you feel better or worse. Choose wisely. •Full body strength training 3-4x a week. No, you don’t have to come to the gym twice a day. You will burn out in 3 weeks (by the end of January).Exercise is not a punishment for the all the food you ate over Christmas. You ate that food, had a good time. Get over it. Today is a new day, new beginning! . •drink plenty of water. Our bodies are 70% water. You need it to survive. Your organs, your skin and so on. . • get your zzz’s right! Go to bed half an hour earlier than normally. More to touch on sleep very soon

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