How did I start to change my life? Part 1.

Let’s start it from the very beginning: I was always a bit fatter than my classmates at school, which always left me with a low self-esteem, low self-worth. Everyone was skinny and size 6-8 but I wasn’t, everyone else was able to run and loved sports but I hated it. All I loved was singing and painting. On top of this, I didn’t learn good eating behaviour from my mum as she was obese and has always battled with her weight. Whenever I felt low and depressed I ate, which in my final year at school got worse and I gained a lot of kg… All of this bad eating habits and no knowledge about nutrition paired with the hatred for PE. Final year ended, and I realised that I have to do something. I can’t start my 20’s being fat. So after tons of thinking I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. Now this move was SCARY as hell! I still remember the time when I just stood at the bottom of the stairs of the gym and I was thinking like: -“OMG, everyone is going to be so fit in there.”

-“I need to lose fat first before I even go in.”

-“Everyone is going to look at me and think how fat I am.”

-“ Everyone knows what to do and how to use the machines, and I have absolutely no idea, I am definitely going to look so stupid.”

But thank god I got through that door with a help of my ex-boyfriend and my lovely trainer who helped me to overcome these fears, if this doesn’t happen I may be still outside of the gym thinking that I need to get fit before I join… #personaltrainer #buzzgymreading #transformation

#mystory #health #change #transformation #confidence #weightloss #victoriatraining #buzzgym #femalepersonaltrainer #personaltrainer #readingfemalepersonaltrainer #training

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