My competition prep Day 5

So Miss Victoria decided she needs compete so she can be: 1. A successful as a PT if she competes, 2. will get in shape by doing a competition prep 3. this will solve all her problems with her eating… ALL of the above were wrong. Yes for this time period I was VERY focused, I was more focused on this than ever on anything. I ate my food, I did my cardio, I did my weights session (still not training with real intensity though…), trained my clients but I was like a walking death. I had the abs I wanted for so long, I had my shoulders popping, my cellulite was much less (didn’t disappear completely!), I was the smallest I have ever been in my life. But I am going to tell you the ugly truth: I lost my period, I was the moodiest I have ever been, I had NO libido, sex was just a chore...My boyfriend that I love nearly broke up with me on the week when I had a bike accident and my ulna fractured, knocked out three of my teeth and injured my knee as well. Coincidence?! I don’t think so, I believe everything happens for a reason in your life, it is just ON you to figure out why. Feels like God/ the Universe told me this is NOT the path I need to go on. At that time I didn’t think it this way, it took time to realise this… So my competition prep ended badly, I never stepped on stage at the end, which left me of course thinking one day I may be ?! And because of this bad ending when I was recovering things got worse and worse with my eating. More to come on that tomorrow! .

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