My vegetarian days

My story: Day 3⠀

Moving from Holland to the Uk I ended up in a small village first where I couldn’t join a gym, the family where I was an au pair was vegetarian and because of my ex-boyfriend as well I became vegetarian too. I became even more obsessive and started counting calories but I had no idea how much should I eat so I gathered some very bad information from the internet and I was barely eating anything more than 8-900 kcal a day. Then over the weekend I had binges when I could destroy bags of crisps, biscuits, tables of chocolate in one sitting. Of course, after that I felt horrible and like failure. My body was malnourished and it was screaming for nutritious food. I was moody, I had no energy all day, I wasn’t fun with the kids... I wanted to run but my body was so slow it was usually more like fast walking.

Moved to London and after a while I started to eat meat again, I went to the gym nearly every day, still counted calories but I was eating a little bit more. Still far from a healthy range for the amount of work I was doing and plus the gym at the end of the day. Again, my problem with eating continued with some binges when no one saw me. From outside you couldn’t tell this, it looked like I was fine, but the people around me saw this. Viki was always on a diet and then binge and would not go out because she can’t count those calories in to her day…⠀

PS: this is not against anyone who is vegetarian, this is my own experience. However I had very little knowledge at that time what should I pay more attention as a vegetarian (like making sure I eat enough protein and essential amino acids)⠀

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See you all tomorrow!

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