How to nourish yourself

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I am trying to show you with these info graphics some easy to understand tips so you don't make these fitness mistakes again that happen to you each year. Help you to finally start to see changes that you have always wanted to see.

Today we have food and how to nourish your body.

Yes,your body needs food to thrive on. Your body enables you to do lots of things daily and it is time to look after it if you want to achieve even greater things.

So how?

No, it doesn't have to be complicated.

Here are my top for things to do and help you eat better and feel better:

-build your meals around a protein source (chicken, lamb, fish, eggs , tofu and so on, the choice is yours)

-eat more vegetables, as much as you can. Make them interesting, add flavours, try different cooking methods, be adventurous.

-drink 2-3 litre of water. If you didn't drink much before be sure to increase this intake slowly otherwise you might end up going to the loo a bit too often then you wish.

-eat more slowly. If you eat with other people pace yourself to the slowest eater by the table, Chew and enjoy every single bite of food.

- if you eat alone stop distracting yourself with reading the paper, watching your favourite show and take down your phone. This will enable your satiety hormones to release from your brain and feel full sooner.

- don't cut out food groups completely from your diet. Your body needs these food groups. Carbohydrates to provide energy, fats to release and carry hormones and protein to build and repair your cells. Each macro nutrient has their own role in the body, if you cut out one you risk to function well.

-don't starve yourself, you also know where that all ends. Binge eating over the weekend and undo everything you have done until then.

-fad diets. To name a few: Atkins, Cambridge, cabbage soup,south beach, 5:2 and the list goes on. These companies live from desperate people who are desperate to lose weight. Please don't fall for them, They promise rapid changes but they never show what happens with people after their before and after pictures. and there is a reason why...

I hope this all makes sense to you and gives you a bit better understanding on what to do.

I shall be back soon with how to get your sleep right as that is another crucial part for our well-being.

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