My competition prep

Let me share this little transformation guys which I achieved with my amazing coach during a 16 weeks of time (If I am not mistaken)

It was a lot of hard work, lot of sweat. Not much food. I was hungry and I was moody by the end. Did I love it? Hell, yes. Did I love how my body changed? Hell yes.

Would I recommend it to everyone? Hell, NO. To be able to achieve something like this you have to be in the gym twice a day. You have to sacrifice a lot and your friends will start to think you are crazy. But there is something mesmerizing in this sport. What your body can achieve is amazing and it’s truly down to you what you want to do with it. The point I am trying to make is, that to do a bodybuilding show you have to be very consistent, you have to be training a lot but you can achieve amazing fat loss results without getting ready for a show. You can change your body shape as you want it. Never underestimate yourself. You can achieve amazing things. You have the power in you, just need a right person to help you get it out. Set your mind to success and you will succeed. Set your mindset to failure and you will fail. The question is are you ready to change? Do you know why are you doing this for? Come and talk to me about how to take your body to thye next level!

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