How to build a tighter butt

Then read forward.

I am quiet lucky as when I started to do lifting my anatomy was set up for squats but i didn't know that at the beginning. What does it mean? It simply means that my squat technique from the beginning was hip dominant which allowed me to build my glutes up. However not everyone is made for it. Many of you guys are bringing your knees too forward making the squat into a quad dominant exercise. So is that going to build your glutes up? Well not really… Can you relearn a movement? Oh yes. In the video my client Emma demonstrates how to do a proper hip dominant squats. When we started to train together her squats were really quad dominant and she had that butt wink at the bottom too but now look at that form! It is just absolutely beautiful.

Do you want to learn how to build up your glutes ? What exercises are good for you?

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Let’s build better glutes together.

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