Fad diets

As we are approaching summer everyone is realising that they need to get back in shape and they are desperate to lose that fat as fast as they can! This time of the year we see the magazine front pages saying: lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks and so on…Or my other favourite: buy this amazing pill/drink whatever to detoxify you. All sounds really tempting, don’t they?! and the problem is that so many women STILL believe in them!I am absolutely amazed that how many of you don’t even know what is carbohydrate, protein,fat and why we need them in our diet, in our life.

Firstly, let me tell you again why they work for you for a short period of time. Yes, right now you are eating crap (processed food) or having a very unbalanced eating pattern (skipping meals, dinner,binging etc…) but with that new plan you are goint to follow a schedule and your body is going to react to that, your body retains a lot of water with those highly processed foods and as you clear them out with your fad diet you will lose that which can be even 5lbs! After that your body will start to eat your muscles and the reason for that is because you are not eating one from our big 3-s (carbohydrate,protein,fat) and because you are not lifting weights. So you lost that 10 pounds, but what you didn’t lose is your fat.You lost some water, you lost some muscles but the fat is still on you therefore your arms are still flabby, your thighs still got the cellulite etc, you name it…

So I know girls it’s really tempting to start to do another crazy amazing shake diet, meal replacement, fat burner pills, 800kalorie diets but DON’T do it! your body requires food to fuel, food to give you energy to workout, food to build your cells in your body.

Secondly, the pills and detoxfying drinks etc. again going to work for a short period of time. Why? Because it flushes out all the crap from your colon. You might going to notice during your diet that you will be ont he toilet all the time… And that is again going to work for you for a short period of time but as soon as everything cleared out from your system it will go back to normal. you will start to gain weight (if you didn’t change your diet with your cleansing drink/pill)

And girls let’s just think about it, these big companies just want your money. They don’t care about you, about your health they just want you to consume. They want you to buy more and more, if they would give you the perfect solution you would never go back, they would lose you to buy more and more. Simples. The same principle applies to processed foods, they want you to consume more and more because that’s the business for them.

Now you may ask but then what can i do? There is one simple advice i can give you which is going to help you in the first place. Eat less sugar, don’t drink sugary drinks, eat less crap (processed, store bought food). Drink more water, eat more wholesome, one ingredient food 80% of the time and 10-20% your treats. Plan your day ahead, rather have 3 big meals then snack on crisps anc chocolate bars. You don’t even need to read labels if you buy most of your food from the veg, fruit, meat and dairy aisles.

Stay healthy, think and learn what’s the best for your body. You got only one to live your life with. Look after it!

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