I am beyond excited to announce the start of my website. We have been working on it for a while to give you the best experience and the most information.

You can find few things about me in the "about " section but I thought I will introduce myself a little bit more. I am originally from Hungary and I came abroad when I was 19, and basically that's when I started my fitness journey. At the beginning I was just the same as you, I didn't have a clue what to do and it took me a while to figure out how to get started. I know, I have done few things wrong which I feel it has taught me lessons! I was once vegetarian, then I was eating 1300calories a day with hour long cardio in and outside of the gym but I didn't feel my body is changing in the way I wanted. I didn't have enough energy, I binged and if my friends asked me to go and eat out I would always say no. I am sure you can also relate, I think We all have been there...Then once I started to do workouts with a personal trainer who helped me a lot and gave me confidence to start to lift weights with some sort of concept. I started to see amazing changes which I haven't seen before. Eventually, I found my self-motivation and passion. That is what I would like to give to you, share my passion and help you to get hooked on seeing changes on your body. It is hard work, I won't lie but once you start to see you fit into your old clothes or you see some muscles developing,I can guarantee you will understand what I am talking about. Lifting weights will help you change your body composition and make you to feel much better than doing clueless workouts and cardio in the gym. A trainer can help you to give you a concept that you can stick to and if you put in the work the results will come too.

This blog is aimed to give you motivation by sharing stories about my past and current fitness journeys. Food tips, workout tips and my current personal training offers. Hope you will enjoy it.

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