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28 Nov 2018

So Miss Victoria decided she needs compete so she can be:

1. A successful as a PT if she competes,

2. will get in shape by doing a competition prep

3. this will solve all her problems with her eating…

ALL of the above were wrong. Yes for this time period I was VERY focused, I was more focused on...

27 Nov 2018

When the mum where I was working got pregnant with their third child my workload got bigger too and I started to eat more uncontrollably, I didn’t always have time to go to the gym which lead me to gain fat . I didn’t like myself and I started doing the M10 gym blueprint , this was the very first ti...

26 Nov 2018

My story: Day 3⠀

Moving from Holland to the Uk I ended up in a small village first where I couldn’t join a gym, the family where I was an au pair was vegetarian and because of my ex-boyfriend as well I became vegetarian too. I became even more obsessive and started counting calories but I had no ide...

16 Jul 2017

Some people change easily but some take time and more hard work to change their old, and deep-rooted behaviours. This little article might going to give you a bit more understanding:

Why people relapse? Why many people gain so much weight after their diet?

If you want to have a long lasting change in...

18 Jun 2017

I often hear this from people, trying to find the "right time" to start.
Quite simply, NOW. 

12 weeks in the line you will wish you have started today and not 3 months later. Let's face the facts that there always going to be someone's birthday to celebrate, there always going to be a work lunch, dat...

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