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My life wasn’t always a picture of health and fitness. In fact, I hated going to PE at secondary school. However, I soon realized if I didn't start to do something I will end up like a lot of people in my family with obesity and diabetes. I started going to the gym and broadened my knowledge about health, weight loss, and muscle building (aka toning up), needless to say, It sucked me in and I became addicted. Now I absolutely can’t imagine a day without exercising and doing something fun in health and fitness.

I know that you might not be as enthusiastic as me (at the beginning) but hopefully I will inspire and motivate you to become healthier and fitter version of yourself.

The journey  won't be easy but it will be worth it!

Each day you will become stronger to tackle any obstacle life throws at you.



  • Level 3 diploma in personal training

  • Circuit instructor

  • Group indoor cycling instructor

  • Level 3 award in instructing outdoor fitness

  • Level 3 award in sports conditioning

  • Level 3 diploma in Exercise referral

  • Precision Nutrition (Level1)

  • Resistance Training Specialist®

  • Body Transformation Academy Behavioural Change coach

  • MacNutrtion Uni Student (current)


I now only focus on body transformations starting from 12 week programs. 

If you are feeling that it is time for you to change I am here to assist and help to change your mindset and your body to feel energetic and feel amazing again!

Get in touch and book in for a FREE consultation so we can discuss your goals and find the best plan for you.




Free Phone consultation

Tailored training programme

Personalised Nutrition plan / coaching

Dedicated Facebook group

Weekly e-mail check-ins


Free Phone Consultation

Tailored training programme

Personalised Nutrition plan / coaching

Dedicated Facebook group

Weekly e-mail check-ins

Whatsapp support

1-2-1 Skype calls


fat loss

Change your appearance and your mindset towards fitness. Shed those unwanted pounds, change your body shape and build up your confidence in the gym and outside of it. Transformations starting from 12 weeks.

muscle building

Build muscles with proven methods. Highly detailed exercise plan that’s made for you, for your fitness level, for your anatomy. Learn how to actually contract your muscles and get the best workout of your life and reach those booty goals.

weight maintenance

Build your confidence, have more idea what to do in the gym and most importantly how to execute exercises so you don’t injure yourself. This option is for you if you don’t necessarily want to lose fat, just learn and maintain a health lifestyle.


Vicky is just THE BEST. Seriously can't recommend her enough. She is a lovely person to train with, she is always checking on me and most importantly she is always learning new things herself in order to be able to her clients. I have been training with her for 5 months now and she makes me wanna go to the gym and enjoy it. She is a professional and I'm very happy she's my trainer.

—  Nina Seremetis